La mia buona notte “Jazz”

Perché mi sento così adesso 😍

Questo brano e tutte le altre “Queen” le trovate nel loro album
“Your Queen Is A Reptile” del 2018.

Loro sono i “Sons of Kemet”, un gruppo jazz britannico formato nel 2011 composto da Shabaka Hutchings, Tom Skinner, Theon Cross e Eddie Hick. Il gruppo utilizza sassofono e clarinetto (Hutchings), tuba (Cross), insieme a due batteristi (Skinner, Hick) per fare ottima musica, suonando un mix di jazz, rock, caraibico, folk e africana. ❣️

Il testo di questo brano è a dir poco … stupefacente… attuale… interessante!😉

My Queen Is Ada Eastman

Still here still grinding
Hustling and striving
In these dark times these dark
Minds I’m a diamondBig Ben is still chiming
They don’t wanna see us smiling
They wanna keep us grimey
But my politics still livelyStill here amongst the sirens
Turn the claps and violence down
Dust in lane I’m scribing
No visits from your HighnessStill here my dear despite
The prophecies of seers
Smashed to pieces on the pier
Put myself back like IKEAStill here among the brass
Garments washed in starch
London wind is biting harsh
Shiver my thin moustacheI’m crude but not into crass
Willing and able and up to the task
They go low we go high it’s a fact
They go low we go high like taxStill here and cool
Still here like Queen Kasoon, J life leaves and oooh
Old school, like tomato stew, ooh
Stood on the shoulders of greatsIn my hands my own faith
Make my enemies eat the cake
Cry me a river, cry me a lake
Still here God willingOld rebels still revelling
Calm inside the Catalin
Calm though times unsettling
Too dark a mind to settle itDon’t want the beef that I’m serving
Feline amongst these vermin
Black and proud and determined
Jumped in the war left with no stitchAte with a priest, drived with a witch
Man’s a 9th degree
Heartbreak wherever my flag is pitched
Cutting my hunger for fine things
Learning the lesson that time bringsAcquired this taste for London Pride
Spread my wings in these noxious skies
In these streets, these streets where foxes hide
I’m not yet old and I’m so wiseI take this strife in my stride
I must admit, it’s tough at times
But most don’t like it, I dived in
This never never never never
Ending pressure piling onI’m still here still unruly
All sound and all fury
All frown and all fury
All gas and all fury
No peers, no juryBurn UKIP, fuck the Tories
Fuck the fascists, end of story
Fuck ‘em all, fuck ‘em truly
Call me a roach, ‘cause I’m resilientI’m born strong, the son of an immigrant
Struggling element
And I’ll be here
I’ll be here when your cities are sedimentAnd only your borders and fences are left
I’ll be here when your banks stop selling debt
And all your leaders stop selling death
And you’ve lost all relevance
In the corner, check me reading a paper
Scribing your last will and testamentI’m still here
I’m still here
I’m still here
I’m still here
Man still here
I’m still here
I’m still here, done now

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